To ALL Members and Non Members.

Tough decision to make for all involved, but from tonight, the Raceway will be closed for at least 6 weeks (or until declared otherwise). This is following the latest statement made today (17/03/20) from the BRCA.

Email to all BRCA Members from Darren Newton BRCA Chairman:

“The sport is facing some very difficult times, as part of the wider sporting community we are required to do our bit to help contain the spread of the virus by limiting the social gatherings that are the core of what we do.

Hence the Association Executive has had to take the following steps

Today (17/03/2020):-

ALL our Association events (i.e. all our Nationals and Regionals) that should have been happening between Now until the end of April will either be Postponed or Cancelled.

Please look out for announcements from the sections concerned as they get this resolved, please allow them the time to get this done as it’s expected that trying to adjust the calendar at this time of the year will be difficult.

We Have Recommend to All our Clubs that they do likewise and close for the same period of time.

While we appreciate that this is difficult to do and will have financial implications for some clubs it is not a decision that the Executive have taken lightly.

We can, of course, only advise this to the Clubs and it’s their decision to follow this advice, or not, but we do believe that this is the responsible course of action to take and so it’s recommended that Clubs close until the end of April, but with a plan in place to recommence when we can.

We will continue to update you on the situation as this develops and if the current advise we are receiving changes.”

We will of course update you if and when the situation changes. Going forward, this means that Pay & Play and all race sessions are suspended at the club.