At the Forest of Dean Club, we are always looking for cost effective ways to get new drivers on track and up to speed. Indeed, we have the club cars that are great for getting that first taste of racing. Especially when they are so well setup thanks to Club Car manager Mark Bruton-Young. But, some people want their own cars to race and would feel guilty if they happened to damage the club cars, so whats the answer?

Mardave is the answer! Through our tie-in with Mr Mardave, Chris Wilkinson, and the 4 Hour Endurance race that is taking place (hopefully) in October 2020, we are able to offer a fantastic cost effective racing class for both new and old racers alike.

Available now on the following link, you too can get hold of a pocket rocket of a car! Comprising a simple FRP chassis, with simple suspension and motor mount. These 12th cars are designed to last. In tests we’ve been able to conduct, you just can’t break them easy, making them perfect for learning the skills required for RC Racing.

Mardave VRX Fod Kit

In the kit, you get…

  • Chassis and other plates
  • Front wishbones and springs
  • Rear motor pod and springs
  • Fixed axle with 2 spur gears and 1 pinion gear
  • 27t CoreRC motor
  • Etronix Servo (metal geared)
  • Front and Rear Contact Foam tyres
  • VW Inspired Bodyshell (1mm thick lexan)

All you need to add is an ESC (we recommend the Hobbywing 1060), Receiver from your radio gear and either a 4cell Nimh/Nicd battery or a 2s Shorty Lipo. Oh and if you’re racing, the all important IRace transponder to count the laps.

We will be looking to include these fantastic chassis’ in our Tuesday night racing sessions (number and covid-19 dependant currently) so grab a bargain and get it prepped for the track! The rules will be kept firmly simple for this class to make it user friendly by beginners to the RC sport, with no additive allowed as a main one! It will be very close racing for sure.