During the Global pandemic, the club committee took the decision to address some of the lumps and bumps that have occurred across the track layout since the extension was laid out all that time ago. We thought you guys might like to see what happened and why we have done what we have done!

Firstly, we started with taking up the previous track layout, hoovering and rolling up the carpet. After that, we were able to see just what we needed to do! After leaving the exposed boards to bake in the small heat wave we had at the start of June, we were able to dry up some of the partially wet boards naturally (leaks through the ceiling had caused the boards to soak up the water from the carpet); which also meant (thankfully) that we wouldn’t need to spend out much of the club money on replacing these boards.

Attention then turned to finding out why we had such a lump, usually at the end of the main straight. Removing some of the extension boards, we could see that the boards have warped slightly down into a channel that had been added to run the timing cables so they wouldn’t get damaged around the outer edge of the track. A plan was formed to “shunt” the extra lattice work up and remove this channel to give a more stable racing platform, with plans to run the cables around the outer edge of the track, but well protected underneath blocks to prevent any damage from screws and wayward cars.

We still had a slight edge to contend with once the lower parts had been moved over and the boards relayed over the top. Some top sanding and planing work, gave us the smooth edge we were after, and with the carpet relayed over the top – much improved!

We will never be able to get rid of all the bumps and lumps in the racing surface, but what real world track doesn’t have some form of bump as “character”?

With the carpet back in place, we were able to refit the track markings and create a very unique layout (copied in part from the fantastic Lausanne layout that is sadly no longer there). Raceable in either direction, we believe this layout could well stand the test of time and become a firm favourite amongst the racers and could well turn out to be a permanent layout over time!

Aside from all the track work, the entire venue has had a massive deep clean to eliminate any worries racers have of returning to the track due to the Covid pandemic. With clear designated boxes for “no waiting” as well as defined areas planned for the rostrums, we firmly believe we are now “Covid ready” and can begin the process of reopening. To start we are, potentially, only going to allow small groups in for pre-booked practise sessions, with club members gaining priority for this.

A whopping total of around 80 hours of work went into all of this. So thanks to the following…

Valda Price, Chris Milner, Mark Bruton-Young, Colin Dunn, Mark Raddenbury & Nic Rizardinni.