So, you’ve been looking at the Forest Raceway over the past few lockdown months and wondered what benefits you gain by being a club member? Well, grab a brew and let me tell you!

For the crazy low price of £10, for both Junior and Senior membership, you get ALL the below benefits!

  • Access to club cars on a race/practise day
  • Use of club charger (if yours goes pop)
  • Corner weight scales can be used at the club to check balance
  • Club tyre truer use (get them donuts sorted)
  • Lower entry fees for race meetings
  • Pre-Warning of BIG events in the pipeline
  • Bookable practise sessions throughout the week
  • A warm, friendly welcome!

If you’d love to become a member of the Forest Of Dean Radio Controlled Car club… Follow this link and send the application form to You can pay either via PayPal or Cash the next time you’re club-side.

See you trackside!