At Forest Raceway we want to promote RC car racing to newcomers to our hobby, as well as those who do not want to have to pay £400-500 for the very latest RC chassis.

We have produced this guide to try and help advise some of the more suited items that can be raced on a Friday night here at Forest Raceway.

Of course if you have any questions at all please speak to one of the committee members on a race night, or use the contact form to contact the club.


Basic Rules

Chassis: Any on-road chassis, 1:10th scale or smaller – the cheaper the better!

Batteries: Max 7.6V Lipo (hardcase) or 6 cell NiMh/NiCd batteries. (NiMh/NiCd preferred)

Tires: All classes, except Mardaves:
                            On-road treaded tires only –
                            No slick tires, Rally Blocks or Mini Pins.
                            NO ADDITIVE!

                            Mardaves only:
                            Open foam.
                            NO ADDITIVE!

Motor: 15 turn limit, sealed “silver can” style brushed motors only (no brushless, no adjustable end-bells). 20 turn limit recommended for novices.

ESC: Any cheap brushed ESC (Hobbywing QUICRUN 1060 recommended)

Bodyshell: Any 1:10th scale (or smaller) on-road shell, the more realistic the better, with clear windows to allow our timing system to work with your car.

General: Please read all the general rules at the bottom of the rules page:



With the Budget Touring Car racing being focused more towards cheap, safe, and fun racing this guide is going to concentrate on NiMh batteries rather than LiPo batteries.

LiPo batteries are welcome at Forest Raceway, but need to be handled, charged, and discharged safely else they can present a fire risk.

We suggest you buy at least 2 NiMh drive batteries, of at least 3000mAh, for your Friday evening racing. The higher the mAh value the longer your battery will last, and with each race being 5 minutes long a capacity of at least 3000mAh should be fine.

Some examples of NiMh drive batteries we would recommend are:

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Wheels, inserts and tires

Our basic tires rules are no additive, no slicks, and no rally style tyres. With that in mind, for best performance and longevity we recommend the use of Schumacher Carpet Dragon tires. They offer exceptional grip, good tire life and do not need any warming up/additive for the grip to be readily available.

You will need a set of 4 wheels, a set of 4 inserts (to fill the gap between wheel and tire), a set of 4 tires and some tire glue.

We recommend the following:

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Although the Budget Touring Car evening rules state a sealed “silver can” style motor with a motor limit of 15 turns, if you are new to racing RC cars, or would class yourself as a novice racer, we recommend you run a 20 turn limit motor.

Some examples of 20-21 turn motors we would recommend for novices are:

Some examples of 15 turn motors we would recommend are:

Note: the Budget Touring Car evenings do not allow brushless motors, or brushed motors with adjustable endbells such as the examples below!

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Any brushed ESC can be used at Forest Raceway, but we would recommend the following as they are both cheap AND are able to power the 15 turn and 20 turn motors we recommend:


Cars available

There are quite a few 1:10th touring car options on the market. In terms of ease of getting spare parts, cheap running costs, and availability some of the chassis we would recommend you look at are:

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The FTX Banzai comes fully ready run, with oil dampened shocks and ball bearings throughout the drivetrain – all you will need to buy to race are AA batteries for the transmitter, some additional drive batteries (the battery that comes with the car has a very small capacity), and a set of wheels/tires/inserts to replace the drift tires.

The XQ1S from Xpress is a competition spec chassis that bridges the gap between the slower paced racing at Forest Raceway on a Friday night, to the faster paced competitive racing that takes place on a Tuesday evening. Once built the XQ1S will offer you the perfect chassis to build your skills with before transitioning to the 17.5T brushless Tuesday night racing class.

Additional items are required before you are race ready, some of which are listed below:

    • Transmitter and receiver
    • Servo
    • Drive batteries
    • Motor and pinion
    • ESC
    • Bodyshell paint
    • Wheels, tires and inserts

Comes as a kit that requires assembly. As standard the TT-02 is an exceptional introduction to RC car racing, but does not come with oil dampened shocks or drivetrain ball bearings. It does however comes with a motor, ESC and pinion.

The TT-02 does not come ready to run (RTR) either and will require additional items before you will be able to race it – some of which are listed below:

    • Transmitter and receiver
    • Servo
    • Drive batteries
    • Bodyshell paint
    • Tires and inserts

Note: There are other variants of the TT-02; the TT-02S and the TT-02SR that offer kits with added upgrades. These retail for between £140 and £180.

Comes 40% pre-assembled and will require further assembly. Comes with oil dampened shocks and a ball raced drivetrain, but requires further items before you will be able to race – some of which are listed below:

    • Transmitter and receiver
    • Bodyshell and paint
    • Motor and ESC
    • Servo
    • Drive batteries
    • Shock 
    • Pinion
* Information, prices and availability correct as of August 2020