A quick reminder that it is renewal time for BRCA licenses!
The BRCA is YOUR governing body, who have worked tirelessly and with little thanks over the previous months to keep our sport going, and indeed to get us “back on track” with the various restrictions and rules we all have to abide by to stay safe trackside.

As a club, we have a vast range of members in the BRCA; from National Champs, to up and coming youngsters. All these people have one thing in common, they have coverage from the BRCA in-case the unfortunate should happen.

Being a member of the BRCA not only puts your trust in a governing body to manage the sport you all know and love, but also covers you for those adventures outside of the race track with your RC Cars and the general public.

With that in mind, it is ESSENTIAL, that ALL visitors to the raceway must hold a valid BRCA license to enjoy our facilities. Be that on a fast paced Tuesday, a budget Friday or even just testing at a Sunday Pay & Play session.

As always, we will honour the usual “Three meetings before you buy” that us being an affiliated club can allow. But, after those three meetings, you will be refused entry until you provide proof of a BRCA license.

We will not accept any other forms of “Third Party Insurance” to get you on track. BRCA, or no way.

It’s £20 a year to become a member of the BRCA, which works out to £1.66 a month. Less than you’d spend on tyres for a month if you ran every night we race on.

Full joining details can be found on the link below.