I just wanted to say, on behalf of the Committee, what a fantastic first week back it’s been at the Raceway.

We’ve seen old members, new members, new faces and old faces. ALL of you enjoying the facilities we’re proud to call our own and ALL of you being fantastic with the covid restrictions we’re all having to deal with.

The live streaming is showing its strengths (despite some teething issues on Friday Eve). We’ve made plans to improve the audio experience and remove some of the background, pit side noise for the future. Camera quality will improve over time as well, it’s very much a proof of concept at the moment with the webcams we’re using. Do you like the live stream? Is there anything we can add to it?

Live timing has also been a winner, saving groups of people crowding around the results sheets in the hallway. I’m sure as restrictions ease, we can resume our printouts and get the information out quicker on a race night (although the live stuff is instant!).

Again though, thank you for your support to the club and to the committee for the previous hard months of lockdown.

Bring on more racing, more smiles, more laughter and bigger and better events for the future at the Raceway.