We are making a few small changes to our Friday night session!

Totally inspired by FORCE Raceway, and their fantastic “Tamiya Tuesday” race evenings, our “Budget Fridays” are going to be rebranded as “Tamiya Fridays”!
The focus now will be to promote cheap fun racing using the Tamiya TT-01(E)/TT-02/Racing Truck and various M-0x mini platforms.

You can still turn up on a Friday and race your cheap non-Tamiya cars (brushed motors only), but you’ll hopefully find yourself surrounded by more and more Tamiya’s as the night becomes more and more popular, and hopefully be persuaded to get involved if you look to race in another class on the night.

Our Friday night Tamiya Truck class is continuing to grow in popularity because it’s huge fun, is focused on keeping the chassis’ as stock as possible, and they cost around £115-£135 for a rolling chassis (with ESC and motor in most cases).

We’ll be working on some basic rules for the Tamiya touring car class, and the M-0x classes and post them once we have them finished.

In the meantime, a huge thank you to everyone who has helped support the Tamiya Truck class so far – we have brought a lot of new members to the club as a result, most of which are new racers too!

If you have any questions please contact the committee – thanks.

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