We have taken the decision, to completely change Friday nights at the Raceway!

Gone is the single manufacturer racing… and in, is a new format!

We want to give back to the racers, especially the new ones. With that in mind we are opening on a Friday for an extended version of Pay and Play, where we will have multiple varying classes (split by abilities, not speed), along with setup help and pure driving help.

The committee, sees this as a night to learn from experienced racers, who are also welcomed along. All the usual classes will be permitted, with a focus on developing new drivers to the sport/hobby.

There will be practise, setup help, qualifying and racing (but not as intense as Tuesdays!).

Even if you’ve never hit the track before; we can give loads of advice on setting up your car, racing procedures, marshalling and just general good practises to get into.

We’re looking to create just a great night of fun, with less of the pressures of “proper” racing.

To put you at ease, ALL classes will be allowed. Everything from Tamiya Trucks, Touring Cars, Budget MChassis’… the lot!

So, get on down our new “Back to Basic Fridays” from 18:30 and come and have some fun.