To help get new blood into the sport, we are pleased to announce we will be introducing a Beginners Class on a Tuesday evening!

There is no restriction on what car that can be run in the beginner class, be that a Tamiya TT01, a Grasshopper or even a monster truck! Our only requests are that the car fulfils the minimum ride height of 5mm, is clean and uses suitable tyres that won’t damage the carpet.

The beginners class will be all about finding your feet and learning what it takes to race RC cars. Your three nights of racing will be “on the house”, and plenty of help and advice will be given by our experienced club members when you need it.

We aim to use the beginners class as a stepping stone to “move up” to the faster, more rules based classes. It will be a way to see where you see yourself racing in the future! Be that Touring Car, 2wd Mchassis or even LMP.

So, if you’ve never done RC; haven’t done it for a long time; or are coming from a different side of RC, the beginners class could be right for you!