Some of you who had been down the club on Tuesday night, will have already heard our discussion regarding a “pub” but with a lovely winding tarmac garden one side of a shipping container, and a lovely winding, but lumpy path the other.

What is this code? Well, if you haven’t guessed, then squeeze the wax out of your ears and have a read.

Through some careful negotiations with a local party, we have managed to secure the club some land! And this land, is epic. We have the potential to build not one, but two tracks to race on. Outdoors. The plans include a tarmac, on road track and a (for now) hard pack clay based off road track. See below for an extremely rough plan of how we’d love the site to look!

There are a lot of jobs to tick off before we can even begin to get a shovel out and start the ground work at the site, but we do have some gorgeous “concept” artwork already produced by club member Mark Bruton-Young. Our basic plan includes getting the off-road track up and running first, followed by getting funds in place for tarmac work to get the OnRoad track built.

Our major priority, following the survey that was subtly punted out, is disabled access and you’ll see from the concept artwork that we have an ace plan up our sleeves for that. Utilising the height of the land in the site area to form a ramp to the top floor of a double stacked container. This will absolutely include a roof too! Something that a lot of people wanted on the survey.

Something else from the survey, was a 50/50 split on a club providing power for charging. This won’t happen overnight and we doubt we’ll be able to offer this from the off, but it is a goal for once we’ve opened and got established as the furthest west, double outdoor track facility. The area itself, has a great location for all the family. With an MTB park, laser tag, mini golf and a maze! And it’s even easily accessible from a major road.

Funding this whole project is going to be the major headache. We’re looking through all the options from a crowdfunding angle (for lifetime membership and unlimited practise at the right price!), through to grants and awards from the national lottery and other sports facilities grants. As you can imagine, not a quick and easy process but we are optimistic!

With the above call for funding in mind, if anyone out there has links to diggers, shovels, containers.. we would love to hear from you. Likewise, if you’re a local company that would like to sponsor the club to help get this facility off the ground and create something immense that can be used for years to come. Any money we can save from works, we can put towards other parts of this immense project to really make it a nationally class venue. Feel free to contact the committee if you have any ideas or help to offer.

Let’s make this awesome!

Mark, Chairman.