Good morning followers of our journey to create two, amazing venues for on and off road RC racing in the Forest of Dean!

Just wanted to provide an update to all of you regarding the venues and how we are progressing.

Currently, we are in a waiting room, with a ticket in hand that doesn’t come close to matching the ticket on the wall. We’re at the mercy of the planning committees. We submitted a request to find out if we need to consider any local By-Laws regarding noise pollution close to a month ago, and have yet to hear from the planning officer in charge of the account. The deadline for them to contact is soon though, so fingers crossed we get the go ahead.

Now, you may be wondering why we have bothered to approach the council and not just jump in and proceed with all manner of construction. The simple matter is, we need to if we are to get any grants/loans or funding our way. We have to be seen to be doing things “right” and notifying the council of our intentions is one of those boxes to tick off. I’d be deeply upset if we got all this work done, and then had to tear it all down because we hadn’t got the relevant permissions in place from the get go.

Rest assured, we don’t think there will be any issues with the planning officers and, especially luckily, we discovered that clubs seeking advice do not need to pay anything to get the planning officers involved. Winner!

Aside from the waiting game, we are moving ahead with all the nitty gritty, boring, background bits and bobs we need to sort so that we can hit the ground running once everything is ticked off on the virtual clipboard. Astro turf and track markings are all being looked at by our OffRoad rep, Chris. Whilst the rest of the committee are looking into the “future proofing” options for the rostrums, tarmac, computers, power… Etc, etc. Not exhaustive lists to go through either, but we are getting there.

I’ll provide an update as soon as we hear from the planning officers, but we are well on the way with this exciting project.

Mark – Chairman