Being the bearer of bad news is never an easy thing, and something that I have personally always hated doing.

The proposed outside tracks for the Forest of Dean club is now, regrettably at a stand still.

During this week, we received two bits of news that really knocked us back, and after a committee meeting last night. It was decided that we would “stick a pin” in the idea for now.

The first slice of news was from the Planning department. Whilst our proposal is sound in principle, because of the permanent nature of both circuits and the fact we’d be using them for more than 14 days in a calendar year, we need to secure planning permission. This comes at a cost. Not only for the actual fees (£452 and up) but we’d also have to provide an enormous amount of physical drawings of varying scales, which again would cost a lot to get done. Even doing all this, we wouldn’t be guaranteed planning permission, and might have to submit revisions and revisions which would cost more to the club.

The second news was from the National Lottery. Who declined our request for funding. This is despite us ticking all the relevant “boxes” for our request (not even the highest amount of money) that included our plans for ease of access and security for the site. The National Lottery were of the impression that the site would have very little benefit for the local community, something we all agreed was a massive oversight. We all remember the Sunday pay and play sessions and how they brought families together, introduced new people to an exciting hobby and taught some skills that people would benefit from.

So, with all the above, we came to a decision that in order to keep the Forest of Dean club going, and not cause our pockets to empty before we’ve even managed to get a shovel in the ground, the project is “on hold”, for now. We are still going to be looking around the local area to see if we can go back to a permanent setup, but as you all are aware with the current costs of living, this is a struggle.

We will be refunding any of the kind donations made via the go fund me scheme in the coming days.

Again, I’m sorry that I’ve had to deal this news to you all. But, we will keep pushing for things to happen to benefit you, the club user.

Mark Raddenbury