Attendees – Cris Oxley, Paul Marshall, Mark Raddenbury, Steve Williams, Val Smith.

Apologies – No apologies sent.

  1. Chair Report – Cris Oxley

I took over as Chairman of the Forest Club in the middle of August this year, with Simon Drake taking on the role of Honorary President. I made a return to RC racing back in March having taken 6 years away from the hobby to concentrate on my career post university, and previous to that I led the BRCA Micro Section as its chairman from 2007-2014.

Reducing the committee roles to the minimum required by the BRCA has had a positive effect both internally and externally. Our bi-weekly committee meetings are very productive, very proactive and very positive. We have a positive direction that we want to move the club towards which has already had positive effects.

We have introduced Budget Friday nights which has increased newcomers to the club, and proves to be very popular with those who have attended so far.

The previous committee did exceptionally well to survive Covid-19 and put the club in a situation where all risk assessment requirements were fully met. My hat goes off to them but this winter will be a challenge to us all.

Pay & Play continues to be a huge success and many thanks must be extended to Val, who continues to run the sessions each week, and Steve who has taken more of a back seat as Covid-19 continues to cause havoc within our hobby.

We have a bright future, but we are a small club with committee members who have limited time to dedicate to the running of the club. We need helpful people with the right attitude – this club was born and raised on positive friendly attitudes and that is the way we should continue as we grow.

One of my main proposals at this AGM is for the club to embrace a set of “Club Rules” that members have something they own. At the moment there isn’t really a set-in-stone understanding of what the members own and can vote for each year. This rule set will change this.

  1. Treasurer Report – Paul Marshall

Despite the Corona outbreak, the club has seen good funds and continues to see good growth in all areas. Obviously, we are down on previous years due to being unable to run One Day events as well as the usual Pay & Play sessions. 

A new system for the takings was introduced for race nights, which has seen less deficits being noted and accounts being more accurate. 

Details below of monies in Vs monies out.

Pay & play£ 770.10Rent£ 1,800.00
Race nights£ 1,681.50tuck£ 137.12
Buggies£ 147.00running£ 653.86
Fridays£ 240.50others£ 666.31
Events£ 690.00
Membership£ 281.09£ 3,257.29
Tuck£ 194.49
£ 4,004.68
Tuck shop profit£ 57.37
SummaryBalance variance
paperworkIngoing£ 4,004.68Variances1-Nov5-Nov-17.6
outgoing£ 3,257.295-Nov12-Nov-13.1
start balance£ 1,695.2119-Nov21-Nov-31.7
Total variance-62.4
Balance£ 2,442.60
ActualsCash£ 873.88
bank£ 1,384.47
tin£ –
Paypal£ 70.29
floats PM MR£ 50.00
£ 2,378.64
-£ 63.96

The Balance Variance sheet details where money has unfortunately gone missing from the club between any race night. The new system introduced has been much more efficient at reducing this to zero cash loss between events.

  1. Secretary Report – Mark Raddenbury

2020 has certainly been a challenge for all. But, as far as the club stands, we have seen an increase in membership from the local area and further afield. 

When the club was able to open for “Members Only” practise, we saw a lot of new membership taken up, and these drivers have continued to come back week after week to race and enjoy the membership benefits.

The social media side of the club, as well as the website, has grown exponentially. We regularly see action across all platforms, every day of the week. The website has now been sponsored by my own company (Positive Perception) which has seen the removal of the “adverts” and a clearer structure to the pages of the website.

  1. Pay & Play Report – Val & Steve

Not much to report from the Pay & Play sessions due to them being unable to run as much during 2020. Where they have run, we have seen new members coming along and learning the craft for racing, and getting tips from experienced drivers. It’s still a great place to go on a Sunday for some practise.

  1. Election of Club Officers

Chairman Cris Oxley

Treasurer Paul Marshall

Secretary VACANT

Mark Raddenbury has stood down from his position as secretary due to pressures on his day to day job and businesses. This role will be filled after consulting various persons of interest.

The following roles are not main committee roles, but are part of the “Working Party” of volunteers we so desperately need to ensure the club stays open and running

Press Officer Mark Raddenbury

Pay & Play Val Smith

Pay & Play Steve Williams

Additionally the committee would like to formally acknowledge Chris Milner as a key holder to help with opening up the club for Tuesday night race meetings.

  1. Proposals
  1. Proposal to ratify the club rules and to give more structure for new and old members

Proposal by Cris Oxley, seconded by Paul Marshal

The full ruleset was circulated to club members ahead of the AGM.

Four amendments were made on the night 

– Open MChassis to use the wording for motors that allows the use of 20t Sealed Can brushless motors.

– Micro Buggies to use control tyres as specified in the document that will be posted on the website.

– Brushed ESCs to have a price cap of £60 RRP.

– GT12 / LMP to have the tyres rule changed to “Open” to allow the new rubber tyres on the market to be used at the club.


  1. Proposal to use BRCA Club loan scheme to purchase an AMB style timing system

Proposal by Mark Raddenbury, seconded by Cris Oxley

We have been looking to upgrade the IRace system to allow AMB and MRT style transponders to be used, whilst still retaining the IRace loop system that can be used for Pay & Play. The club would seek to use the BRCA club loan scheme to get such a system (RRP £800) from Vorstock Electronics; A deal had also been made with MRT to purchase transponders for members at a reduced rate.


  1. Proposal for Rules to clarify the clubs stance on Juniors marshalling

Proposal by Mark Raddenbury, seconded by Cris Oxley

The current club stance is that only Adults can marshal. Whilst this isn’t a club rule as written down, or indeed a BRCA ruling that states an age. Most other clubs run a ruling whereupon U14s are ineligible to marshal any event. 

The club has approved this to be added to the Club Rules (as proposed above) that will allow anyone aged 14 or over to marshall on a race night.


7. AOB

No AOB to report, only for the committee to thank everyone who has helped keep the club going during this difficult time.

8. Next AGM date

A proposed date of 03/11/2021 has been submitted